Behind the Picture: Badlands Ladder

The Story Behind the Photo

Badlands National Park in South Dakota is a place unlike any other I’ve been to. There were moments when we were exploring the park that it felt like I was on another planet.

The day began with a 4am wake up (unintentional), and then continued with several short hikes before 8am. Badlands Ladder and Badlands Trail were both taken on one of these trails. The early morning hikes ended up being the perfect time to see this unique landscape. The rising sun provided a warm glow, and there was a refreshing coolness that quickly evaporated as the sun climbed higher. It was great being able to hike without sweating profusely, which would surely have been the case if we had started later.

The ladder shown in Badlands Ladder was difficult to climb: rock had crumbled away from underneath certain parts of it and it was a steep climb up. But the view at the top was worth it. I love this verse, because it’s such an incredible reminder that God orders our steps, He knows our paths, and, even when those steps are difficult, He is with us.

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