Behind the Picture: Sunset

I love the sky.

Anyone who knows me even a little bit should be able to attest to this fact. I have been known to be incredibly distracted by a beautiful sky. I’ve interrupted conversations, cut myself off in the middle of a sentence, and run back into a room filled with people to announce an incredible sunset. None of this embarrasses me (perhaps it should… 😉 ). I am just constantly astounded by God’s amazing creation and His ability to paint the most remarkable colors across the horizon.

The Story Behind the Picture

The picture Sunset happens to be one I captured in my backyard. The heavens truly declare the glory of God, and they do it everywhere in the world, from exotic locations to everyday places, like our own backyards. Sometimes all we need to do is look up and be reminded that the One who designed a sunset, or set the clouds in motion across the sky, is the One who loves us and is fighting for us. And then we can find ourselves praising God and declaring with the heavens His unmatchable glory.


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